Dominican Laity

St. Albert the Great Chapter

Who We Are

            Early in the Thirteenth Century, St. Dominic led a renewal of the Catholic Church by founding the Order of Preachers, also known as the Dominican Order.  One of the four branches he started was the Dominican Laity.  And so, from the beginning lay men and women have been an intrinsic part of the Dominican Order.

            Central to Lay Dominican way of life is prayer, community, study, and apostolic work.  Through prayer and community we seek to strengthen one another, and through study and apostolic work, we add to our knowledge and share our faith.

            The Dominican Laity is comprised of men and women who desire to live in the charism of

St. Dominic, founder of the Dominican Order.  We meet monthly to strengthen and deepen our faith, foster unity, and share fellowship.  We are committed to live a holy life, bearing witness to the mercy, and love of God.


Ms. Sharon Caesar -- Moderator

Ms. Susan Dunn -- Assistant Moderator, LPC Council Representative

Ms. Anne Regan -- Formator

Ms. Maureen Lolonis -- Councilor 

Mr. Joseph Reveles -- Councilor, Acting Treasurer, Assistant to Formator


         You are invited to join us on the Second Sunday of each month at St. Albert’s Priory in Oakland.

                                                                   8:30am            Liturgy of the Hours

                                                                   9:30am            Mass

                                                                 10:30am          Coffee and light snacks

                                                                 11:00am          Dominican Studies

                                                                 12:30pm          Chapter Business