In 2007 I converted from being an ardent Christian with a Protestant background to joining the Roman Catholic Church. My new parish was St. Dominic’s in San Francisco. As I learned some of the distinguishing features of Dominican life, my mind and heart started to resonate. I felt called to begin my journey into this family within the family of the Church. It was clear that Prayer, Study, Community and Apostolate were templates to guide the Dominican Catholic's walk with Christ. I needed and wanted that guidance to be able to live for Christ. The Dominicans have greatly embraced this enormous adventure of love. Being a Lay Dominican accentuates my desire to live it more intentionally. With God’s help, I pray to reflect Him in every aspect of my life.  ​             Syida H. Long, O.P.


​When I walked in the front door of St. Dominic's Church in San Francisco for the first time, I looked around and knew that this was my home. Later as I got to know the Dominican Friars I knew that somehow I wanted to be a member of the Dominican Family. 

So when I professed my life-time promises as a Lay Dominican on May 15th, this desire was fulfilled. It was a very joyful day for me. There was also a peace of attaining an important goal in my life. I thank God everyday for this blessing. I also thank everyone who has prayed for me as I undertook this journey. 

 Now I look forward to the future; to do whatever the Lord has in mind for me.               ​ James Burke, O.P.

 ​May 15, 2016 Life Profession of 

 Syida H. Long, O.P.; James Burke, O.P;  Maureen Lolonis, O.P      

 Dominican Laity

St. Albert the Great Chapter